Store your passwords on your
Samsung Smart TV​

CyberLU Smart TV Password Safe​

Generate strong passwords with CyberLU and protect your passwords and related data from unauthorized access protected by your Samsung Smart TV

CyberLU Samsung TV password app. Generate strong passwords. Watch the video to see how it work

CyberLU manages your passwords

Manage your passwords or generate new strong passwords and store them within the AES encrypted repository on your Samsung Smart TV
Access CyberLU with your personal pin and enabled two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access on highest level
Your passwords will be identified with an avatar image and a description. You can also add a comment and attach a file

Install it on your Smart TV​

Install the CyberLU App with the Samsung Smart Hub on your TV

Search for CyberLU within Apps
Navigate to Genre Information to download CyberLU

Generate a strong password
Select a avatar icon
Change the language
Enable two-factor authentication
Enable two-factor authentication
Attach a file to your password
Attach a file to your password
Export all data to an USB storage
Export all data to an USB storage